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Lingerie is NOT a mistery.... !

Women are fabulous creatures which like to be most seductive for you. They want to be as attractive as possible so they get all your attention.

With our lingerie you can make a “great” impression! A gift that articulates her “beauty” is indeed a straight confirmation of your admiration for her!
You will be astonished of the reaction!

How to surf lingerie? :

1. By choosing brands : In the menu at the left choose “Lingerie”, then the brand of your choice (see example at the right).

2. By choosing categories : In the menu at the left choose “Categories”. You will get to a page where you can choose all kinds of lingerie (see example at the right).

3. By searching : In the menu at the left choose “Search”. You will get to our search page on which you can search on sizes, brands, collections, categories, price etc…


The Big Problem: Sizes! :

If you want to surprise her, you cannot ask for her sizes. So, let’s do a quest in her lingerie drawer… Look at the labels of the lingerie and the problem is solved in a second:

  • Sizes types : FR (mostly Belgium & France), EUR (Netherlands, Germany and other European Countries) or UK-USA (Great Brittain and the United States of America) are different size types used in different countries
  • On our site your can use them all as you like. You simply choose the type you want to use in your personal registration.
  • Take account of your country and look at the labels on the lingerie (see example at the left)
  • Sizes : Use the sizes you find on the labels (band size & cup size). In the example it is 85 and A so 85A
  • Sizes tables in which you find an overview of all kind of measures you find HERE.

Let her make her own choice :

If you do not like to search or you hesitate what the right choice would be, you can still surprise her by letting her make her own choice:

You simply send her our Gift Certificate (see example at the right) which gives her the right to purchase lingerie on our site for the amount you have defined. Success guaranteed!

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